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About J-Car, Inc.

J-Car, Inc. was formed in 1998 and we have long established ourselves as a top-tier commercial developer here in Central Florida.

For over 20 years we have been producing a variety of light industrial and commercial projects throughout the region. Over this time, we have developed self storage facilities and small bay warehouse facilities that serve the area residents and small businesses.

We will continue to keep our focus on light industrial and commercial projects as we offer full service real estate development. As a real estate broker and general contractor, we aim to do more projects over the next several years for our clients as well as to diversify our portfolio.

James W. Bankston, CCIM

Jim Bankston has been actively involved in Real Estate Development over 25 years, starting at the University of Florida with a degree in Building Construction. Jim became a Certified General Contactor in the State of Florida in 1990. With a thorough knowledge of construction it was an easy transition to expand into acquisitions, site planning, design, permitting and then property management.

Jim furthered his knowledge of Real Estate by becoming a Licensed Real Estate Broker in 1991. Specializing in full service turn key commercial development with an emphasis in developing Self Storage Facilities, Light Industrial and Commercial Warehouse Facilities, Services include land acquisition, design and permitting, general construction and property management. Jim is a current member of National Association of Industrial and Office Properties.

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For more information, contact Jim Bankston: (407) 256-8785 - jb@jcarinc.com